Myths and facts about marijuana smoking in California. 

Marijuana smoke damages lung health. 

Marijuana has about 50 percent more of some toxins than cigarette smoke. Because of how it is typically smoked (deeper inhale, held for longer time periods), marijuana smoking leads to four times the deposition of tar compared to cigarette smoking. 

Within a few minutes after inhaling marijuana smoke, a person’s heart rate speeds up, or may even double.

One Minute of Second-Hand Marijuana Smoke Impairs Cardiovascular Functions. Effects Are Like Tobacco’s, but last three times longer.

(UCSF studies)

Damage is especially damaging to children and teens, according to CDC.

In California, it is illegal to smoke (or vape) marijuana in public places, cars or anywhere where tobacco smoke is prohibited (even if it is medical marijuana).

No marijuana smoking or vaping in regulated areas.


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