Post from Serena Chen (Alameda County Tobacco Free Coalition):  

Recently confiscated electronic smoking devices from an East Bay city's high schools. Yes, these are all nicotine-containing "vapes." The JUUL is that flash drive lookalike device (elongated) underneath that colorful "mod." Each JUUL stick contains the nicotine equivalent of 20 cigarettes (pack). Hard to believe that these are NOT LEGAL to sell or furnish to anyone under 21, when you see kids using these.



E-Cigarette Articles

Orlando, Florida school principal tells JUUL users: "You are volunteering for cancer!" 

The Truth Initiative Explains JUUL and why it's the latest threat to youth health:

Study shows that teens who use e-cigarettes are exposed to dangerous levels of toxins:


News articles on e-cigarettes' impact on youth nicotine addiction:

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